A Rosa Thorne

As I lay there, cold and numb I wondered, “Why did this have to happen? everything was going so well!” Tear soaked stains fell like raindrops onto my pillow. Today had gone from one of the best days of my life to wishing the ground would swallow me whole. I guess I should start from the beginning…

Today is the biggest day of my life, Prom!  I was the captain of the Cheer leading Squad and had the hottest date in school. My life was perfect. I had everything a teenage girl could want. 

“That’s so perfect for you Jules! Lilac is your Colour!” As we hauled the heavy weight of the tones of dresses we’d tried on previously to the rack, where a girl I can only describe as a prisoner in her worse nightmare, took the dresses and sighed heavily as she put them all back.

” Jeez she gets paid to shop all day! you’d think she’d be happy about it.” I have to hand it to Lola, she can be very rude at times, but she was my best friend since before we could walk.

“Lo, she’s not paid to shop, just to put the rejects back to wait for their owners to come and get them.”

“Jules! don’t hurt their feelings!”

We laughed all the way home talking about clothes and their feeling, before we knew it we had little time left before prom. As I slipped into my silk lilac prom dress, the soft material hung on my shoulders like a lavender waterfall. I had never felt so graceful. Lola was looking like a Greek goddess in her golden dress.

By the time we had got to the prom the night was in full swing. Lanterns lit up the school garden making it look like a fairy palace. My boyfriend looked seriously hot in his Tux. As we got to the gate he pulled me to one side.

“Here” and in his hand was a single rose with perfect pink petals, looking at it made my heart skip. Trying not to squash my beautiful rose, I grabbed my amazing boyfriend and kissed him passionately. 

“I’ll be back soon princess.” 

As he left to go inside, I felt like the world was spinning around me, I decided to follow him to finish what we started, I never saw Lola’s Date arrive, and as I walked round the corner I realized why…

Their arms were entwined as they embraced each other.

“So am I your number one babe?”

Those were Lola’s last words I heard that night. They stung like thorns in my side. Without realizing it, I let out a scream, and I ran.

By the time I realized I was home, my feet were blistered and my hands were scratched from holding on to the rose stem too tightly. I let it fall to the floor as i fell on my pillow reminiscing on what i just saw on what was suposed to be the most magical night of my life and how it had been now turned into my worst nightmare.

Two spirits – Chapter 3: Belle

With Jace’s final smug comment still on my mind, i find myself walking in the direction of my fathers stables, where they seemed to be unloading new horses out of a moving van.

‘Hey! we’ve got a lively one!’

‘Woah! calm down girl!’

I headed closer to see what was going on.

‘Be careful miss, she’s dangerous.’

‘Woah!’ the other man struggled to hold her reins.

As the two men tried to restrain her, she turned and looked straight at me, and then it hit me. I felt a connection with her that day, what i didn’t realise was how life changing that bond would be. As they tried to guide her towards her stable, we both just stared at each other, There was something about her that was drawing me in, and those eyes… I just couldn’t take my eyes off them.

When she was safely in her stable, i stood there.

‘Umm excuse me? does she have a name?’

‘No miss, she’s the boss’s daughter’s new horse’

‘so she’s MINE?!’

I gasped in shock!

‘Oh, are you Annabelle?’


‘Then yes she’s yours. what do you want to call her?’

I thought it over. she was a beautiful horse, a Palomino, beige in colour, with a blonde main and tail.

All of a sudden my mum popped into my head… Isabelle… Since my name was Annabelle, i decided she would share something of mine and my late mothers… As if she could read my mind, she bowed her head in agreement.

‘I will call her Belle.’

Two Spirits – Chapter 2: Jace

 I’m lost for words as he just stood there.


I thought to myself great, now i look like a right idiot. Why does this guy have this effect on me? he just smirks at me.

‘My mum told me’

‘Your mum?’ I must of looked like a moron…

‘Yes, my mum, Lucinda? you met her, she picked you up i believe?’

I could barley concentrate as he stood there in front of me. His ash blonde hair sweeping across his face, clinging to his cheek bones as if he just stepped out of a modelling catalogue, and his eyes, so blue… which was ruined by the fact he was just smirking at me!

‘Oh… right’

As he turned to leave, a big amount of rage came over me.



‘Umm…you know my name!’



‘Well the polite thing to do would be to tell me your name!’

‘Yeah it would wouldn’t it?’ he smirks as he began to walk away. URGH what a jerk!

‘It’s Jace by the way, see ya around Annabelle’

Two Spirits – Chapter 1: Arrival.

As i arrived in Florida, i half expected to see my father stood there to greet me… wishful thinking on my part. In his place was a woman in her mid 30’s, she had short blonde hair, wearing a simple dress. {This couldn’t be his fancy woman… could it?}

‘Annabelle?’ she approached me with a kind smile. ‘Yes?’ ‘I’m Lucinda, your father’s housekeeper.’

‘I’m afraid your father was busy with work and asked me to come and get you. It’s nice to meet you.’

I just stood there, he couldn’t be bothered to meet me. I see he’s the same old dad. In the car, i imagined the lonely times that awaited me. Lucinda seemed nice so even if i never got to see my father, i assumed i could talk to her… like i used to … no, don’t think of mum now…

As we arrived, i was lost for words. The house looked like something out of a fairy tale. Big blue cobble stones like a countryside cottage villa. It looked like it didn’t belong…like me. After putting my things in my new room, i decided to take a look around.

‘Oh, Annabelle?’


‘Your father and step-mother won’t be back until later, and i have to pick up your little brother.’

I have a brother?!  I don’t believe it! how could he keep something like this from me?! i have a brother! without realising, I began pacing.

‘… you must be Annabelle’

I turned in shock, standing in front of me was a guy about my age who can only be described as a blonde angel.

Two Spirits -Prologue

Prologue. ~ The last thing i remember, was the sound of my mums car driving off to a dance she had to attend, leaving me behind. It’s not like i’m a child or anything, i’m 17 after all, but being alone in this house is kind of … eerie. If I’d have known, I would have told her not to go… Why? Why was she on that road? Why her?

The last thing i said to her was ‘have fun.’ I will never see her again… and that cripples me. After the funeral, my father had made arrangements for me, to come over to his new home in Florida. Yes, i now have to leave everything behind me to live with my father and his fancy woman. On the plane, i sat there, trying my best not to cry. I will be strong… for her…