Two Spirits – Chapter 1: Arrival.

As i arrived in Florida, i half expected to see my father stood there to greet me… wishful thinking on my part. In his place was a woman in her mid 30’s, she had short blonde hair, wearing a simple dress. {This couldn’t be his fancy woman… could it?}

‘Annabelle?’ she approached me with a kind smile. ‘Yes?’ ‘I’m Lucinda, your father’s housekeeper.’

‘I’m afraid your father was busy with work and asked me to come and get you. It’s nice to meet you.’

I just stood there, he couldn’t be bothered to meet me. I see he’s the same old dad. In the car, i imagined the lonely times that awaited me. Lucinda seemed nice so even if i never got to see my father, i assumed i could talk to her… like i used to … no, don’t think of mum now…

As we arrived, i was lost for words. The house looked like something out of a fairy tale. Big blue cobble stones like a countryside cottage villa. It looked like it didn’t belong…like me. After putting my things in my new room, i decided to take a look around.

‘Oh, Annabelle?’


‘Your father and step-mother won’t be back until later, and i have to pick up your little brother.’

I have a brother?!  I don’t believe it! how could he keep something like this from me?! i have a brother! without realising, I began pacing.

‘… you must be Annabelle’

I turned in shock, standing in front of me was a guy about my age who can only be described as a blonde angel.


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