Two Spirits – Chapter 2: Jace

 I’m lost for words as he just stood there.


I thought to myself great, now i look like a right idiot. Why does this guy have this effect on me? he just smirks at me.

‘My mum told me’

‘Your mum?’ I must of looked like a moron…

‘Yes, my mum, Lucinda? you met her, she picked you up i believe?’

I could barley concentrate as he stood there in front of me. His ash blonde hair sweeping across his face, clinging to his cheek bones as if he just stepped out of a modelling catalogue, and his eyes, so blue… which was ruined by the fact he was just smirking at me!

‘Oh… right’

As he turned to leave, a big amount of rage came over me.



‘Umm…you know my name!’



‘Well the polite thing to do would be to tell me your name!’

‘Yeah it would wouldn’t it?’ he smirks as he began to walk away. URGH what a jerk!

‘It’s Jace by the way, see ya around Annabelle’


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