Two spirits – Chapter 3: Belle

With Jace’s final smug comment still on my mind, i find myself walking in the direction of my fathers stables, where they seemed to be unloading new horses out of a moving van.

‘Hey! we’ve got a lively one!’

‘Woah! calm down girl!’

I headed closer to see what was going on.

‘Be careful miss, she’s dangerous.’

‘Woah!’ the other man struggled to hold her reins.

As the two men tried to restrain her, she turned and looked straight at me, and then it hit me. I felt a connection with her that day, what i didn’t realise was how life changing that bond would be. As they tried to guide her towards her stable, we both just stared at each other, There was something about her that was drawing me in, and those eyes… I just couldn’t take my eyes off them.

When she was safely in her stable, i stood there.

‘Umm excuse me? does she have a name?’

‘No miss, she’s the boss’s daughter’s new horse’

‘so she’s MINE?!’

I gasped in shock!

‘Oh, are you Annabelle?’


‘Then yes she’s yours. what do you want to call her?’

I thought it over. she was a beautiful horse, a Palomino, beige in colour, with a blonde main and tail.

All of a sudden my mum popped into my head… Isabelle… Since my name was Annabelle, i decided she would share something of mine and my late mothers… As if she could read my mind, she bowed her head in agreement.

‘I will call her Belle.’


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