Two Spirits Chapter Four – Family

After saying goodbye to Belle, i decided to head back to the house. Without realising, i ended up bumping into someone.


“Oh! i’m sorry!”

As i glanced upwards to see who it was i had bumped into, a wave of embarrassment came over me… it was Jace! I quickly stumbled to my feet.

“Jeez, you really are a klutz Anna…”

“It’s Annabelle!”

“Oooh,… sorry”


I stood there, as he laughed at me.

“Don’t laugh at me!”

Outraged, i stormed off, the echo of his laughter fading behind me as i entered the house.

“There you are!”

I stood still. In the house waiting to greet me was my father! He was accompanied by a blonde woman, a young boy around the age of 5, and a girl who seemed to be around my age. Both the little boy and the girl had blonde hair and blue eyes. It was my father who spoke.

“Annabelle, I’d like you to meet your new family. This is Cassy, my wife. Her daughter Ashley, and our son, your half brother, Sammy.” I glanced at my new family, and was shocked. The only one who seemed happy to see me was the young boy, my half brother, Sammy. Without thinking, i ran upstairs, catching a glimpse of Ashley’s evil smirk, Sammy’s saddened expression, and… Jace looking at me through the front window, with what looked like a saddened expression on his face.

Before i could reach my room, a tear escaped and ran down my face. Once i had reached my room, tears overwhelmed me. I fell onto my bed and cried myself to sleep. 


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