Two spirits Chapter 5 – Sammy

As i laid on my bed, with tears streaming down my face, a slight sound caught my ear. What sounded like a gentle tapping came from the other side of my bedroom door. Wiping the tears away, i approached the door, wondering which member of the family it could be?


As i opened the door, at first, i couldn’t see anyone there, but then someone tugged on my hand.

As i looked down, i realised who had knocked on my door, it was Sammy.


He said my name so cutely, i didn’t want to correct him.

“Hey … Sammy right?”

As soon as i said his name, a big cheesy smile came on his face.


“I’m sorry about running off before, you seemed upset when i did.”

I gently patted his head which made him very happy.

“I… thought you wanted a different little brother… that’s what Ashley says all the time…”

He began to cry.

“Oh Sammy, no. I knew about you, it was Ashley that i wasn’t expecting… i’m really happy i have you as little brother.”

With my response, Sammy jumped into my arms.

“YAY! I wuv you Anniebelle!”

Holding my new baby brother in my arms, i actually smiled.

{Maybe i won’t be as alone as i first thought…}

“Oh! Anniebelle, daddy said you’re missing supper! That’s why i came to get you, come on big sis!”

He smiled as i put him down and he pulled on my hand as we both headed in the direction of the dinning room.


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