Chapter 6 – A surprise guest.

“Here we are daddy! ”

Sammy was pulling me towards the two places that were set for us.

“Yay, you get to sit near me Anniebelle!”

As Sammy was smiling at me, I caught Ashley’s smirk from the corner of my eye. What a snob. As we sat down, all you could hear was knives and forks scraping against plates… All of a sudden, a loud set for footprints could be heard coming closer and closer to to the dining room.

“Excuse me Sir!”

It was Jace! He seemed very flustered like he’d been running as fast as he could to get here and then he gazed at me which made me swiftly  look away. Which unfortunately Ashley had happened to notice.

“Jace, this is a bad time -.”

“I’m sorry to bother you sir, but the new Palomino mare is causing trouble and -”



I shot out of my seat and walked right up to Jace. I didn’t care how embarrassed i was a few minutes earlier if something was wrong with Belle i had to know.

“What’s wrong?”

Jace’s eyes looked from me to my father then back to me, he seemed…nervous. was he scared of my dad?

He didn’t answer so i walked past him towards the door. My father had a displeased look on his face but i didn’t care. As i left the house, Jace followed.

“Woah your dad isn’t going to be happy about-”

“I DON’T CARE that horse is the only good thing I have here.”

As if understanding me, he shut up as we headed to the stables.


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